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In today’s rapidly changing political and environmental climate, the demand for “Green Building” is higher than ever. The demand is being fueled by unprecedented levels of governmental initiatives, improvements in sustainable materials and technology, and the shift in our culture’s mindset that “Green is Good.” At PHOENIX BUILDERS, we believe that God has given us this earth to enjoy while we are here. Being good stewards of the limited resources we have is what being “Green” is all about. If you are planning a new project or own an existing building, there has never been a better time to incorporate green building techniques and measures.

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PHOENIX BUILDERS understands that green building can be environmentally sustainable only if it is financially sustainable. We are continually working to provide resources for our clients aimed at aligning green building with business and investment objectives. The U.S. Green Building Council’s case studies demonstrate not only the environmental benefits of green building but the economic benefits as well.

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PHOENIX BUILDERS is your one stop shop for green building. Working in conjunction with our affiliates and partners, we can design/build or retrofit any building to meet the level of certification that your project demands. If you have existing buildings that need updating, the Phoenix team can perform an Energy Audit to recommend the right upgrades that will achieve the most energy efficiency for your dollars invested. From rooftop solar systems to interior design improvements from sustainable products, PHOENIX BUILDERS is the right partner for your project.
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